Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thing 10-Online Image Generator

I love this type of site and I think that students will have fun with it too.

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I played with Image Chef and I am on a baseball team!!

This "sketch" was made from one of my digital photos uploaded to Dumpr. There were a lot more image generators on Dumpr to explore; this one just happened to catch my eye.

I made a Wordle using the URL to this blog:

Glogster looked like it would be fun to play with, students could use this venue instead of a paper poster. I made a poster with some photos from my trip to London in 2008. It was fun but not a very intuitive site and I did not get the glog to save properly. I will try again at a later date. All of these Web 2.0 tools would allow students to express themselves while using new technology.


Kelly said...

I love your images! I also thought that glogster was interesting and fun, but not very easy to use and not very fast--though it probably would have been faster if I had a real topic I was trying to present.

Novella Byrd said...

Yes, I think if students were focused on an event or person or theme it would be easier to put something together. I did it backwards, thought about the pictures that I have on hand and tried to put something together. The site just did not have enough instruction for me.