Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thing 9-Finding Useful Library-Related Blogs and Newsfeeds

I really enjoyed reading the post by the Cool Cat Teacher on creating a Circle of the Wise and decided to add this blog to my RSS reader. What better way to insure life-long learning than by subscribing to the feeds of the leaders in a particular field? This is an "ah-hah" moment for me; of course, I appreciate the warning about over-doing it and how to select blogs that would be worthwhile.

I tried the suggested search on Google Blog Search and typed in "Library2Play". I got a list of the blogs with a brief synopsis of posts from this exercise, I even decided to reply to one of the blogs. As usual there is just so much to muddle through and I tend to try to muddle through everything; haven't quite learned the art of browsing. I subscribed to the local news from the Houston Chronicle and the San Antonio Express News. I grew up in Houston and still have family living in the Conroe area and therefore very interested in the local news. I live close to San Antonio so I am very interested in the local news as it pertains to my locale.

The difficult part-the looking and deciding which feed to subscribe to; that will become an ongoing quest. The easy part, subscribing to the feed; click on the orange icon and then a new window pops up that asks which feed reader. Voila! The read is in your menu; now I need to go back and organize in folders.

I cannot see anything that is not beneficial in using a feed reader; in fact it is becoming quite apparent that one should not choose to log on without one; if for no other reason than to save precious time clicking through all your bookmarked URLs.

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