Monday, August 3, 2009

Thing 13, Tagging and Social Bookmarking

My good/bad habit surfaces yet again: checking out tags on (good habit) and spending way too much time (really not so bad, but...). is definitely another tool that can increase time management efficiency. I like being able to tag different articles, blogs, sites, etc., with more than one tag and also the ability to rate it. Group projects in school whether professional with colleagues or a class project with students can save so much time and energy by sharing bookmarks on the subject of the project; especially since they are always complaining about the lack of time!

Digg was also very interesting seemed very user friendly, I clicked through the "About Digg" information. I don't see the benefit of subscribing to two social bookmarking sites; I will stick with I watched the tutorial on Diigo which is the new site for Furl. I think the ability to annotate articles would be very beneficial if working on a research topic or group work for students. The Ma.gnolia site is not up and running after a fatal database crash. Sounds like everyone needs to take greater care to back up data!

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