Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thing 19, Web 2.0 Awards List

Browsing the Web 2.0 Awards List I already see many of the sites that we have explored listed; course that is a no-brainer. Why would the kickball captains go with anything less?

Cross Frappr off the list; after I clicked on the sign in link I was inundated with photos of women from Sweden-not something I would want kids to see. The sign in page contains a link to another site which I tried as well, Platial. It allows you to create a map of places you've been with markers to various attractions within the city. This application is great for someone planning a trip however it is not very user friendly and the help guide is hard to find in the form of FAQs. There was not a tutorial on getting started or site navigation making it a very frustrating experience.

I just recently became a member of Facebook. It has allowed me to connect to friends and colleagues with similar interests. I also belong to several professional interest groups such as my college alumni associations, Texas Library Association, Library 2.0 Interest Group, Librarians and Facebook, and We Love the Lonestar Reading List. It is a great way to post news of interest within a group and members can read updates on their "wall" page. A school or school organization could use it in the same way, most students have Facebook pages, unfortunately we cannot access it at our school. Facebook is a great communication tool, I think schools should capitalize on it for getting the word out to students.

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