Monday, August 3, 2009

Thing 14, Technorati

Hmmm, in the realm of the tag cloud size matters. The bigger and bolder the word in a tag cloud the more popular the tagged subject. I had noticed this phenomenom in tag clouds before but did not realize that there was any significance to the words being different sizes. Learn something new every day-life long learning again!

While browsing the Technorati website I searched for "school library learning 2.0" in the blog directory, popular blogs and popular tags and came up with the same hits each time; in my mind that is a good thing.

I watched the video on Technorati and a statement by one of the team members really struck me. She stated that she liked to search blogs for current information such as a review for a particular concert she was interested in attending. She did not want to read a "professional" reviewer's take on the group, she wanted to know what everyday people were saying about the them.

I definitely understand the concept of tagging now and appreciate the power of utilizing it. It will help me make sense out of my bookmarks and I like the idea of being able to share them.

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