Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thing 6-Mashups and Third Party Sites

Mashups and Third Party Sites, Thing 6 is a bit overwhelming; ONLY because I want to try them all!!! I can use any of these apps to make a personal blog more appealing and any of my presentations whether to teachers or students more interesting; but I see the real potential in introducing them to students to utilize in class projects. Any of these apps would get students very engaged in their own learning, postcards, trading cards, mappr, to name a few; all present students a fun venue to showcase the knowledge that they have acquired in their research. No more days of regurgitating facts; let them create!

I played with the Motivator in BigHugeLabs:

I played with Jigsaw-puzzle maker, the Captioner and I made the Trading Card:

*For what it's worth, the photos are my own.

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Kelly said...

You seem to have had fun with these image generators! I'm sure your students will love playing with them as much as you do!